Ravi Ahuja

Ravi Ahuja is the Founder & CEO of Optym, a company focused on developing decision autonomy and optimization solutions for the transportation industry. In an academic career spanning 30+ years, he has taught at MIT, Cambridge; the University of Florida, Gainesville; and IIT, Kanpur. Professor Ahuja has made significant contributions to the theory of network optimization and has published 3 books and 100+ research papers and book chapters. The book coauthored by him “Network Flows: Theory, Algorithms and Applications” received the prestigious Lanchester Prize in 1993, and is the leading text and reference book worldwide in the field of network optimization for the past 30 years. Ravi Ahuja is also the winner of 2003 Pierskalla Award, 2006 Daniel H. Wagner Award, and 2007 Koopman Prize given by INFORMS.

After realizing the need of optimization in the transportation industry, he founded Optym in 2000 to bring the latest R&D from the academics to solve real-world practical problems. With its headquarters based in Dallas, TX, and development centers in Eastern Europe and India, Optym now employs 250+ highly qualified team members. Optym is building SaaS solutions with focus on automating human decision-making, and its clients include world’s largest airlines, railroads, trucking and mining companies.