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Link to create a new event

Link to list the events

Link to list the event bookings

How to export event bookings with custom fields (for example, meal preference)

  1. Go to the Events page
  2. Find event on the list and click the Bookings link for the event to open the bookings page
  3. Click the first icon above the list of bookings to open a popup window.  Moving the mouse over the icon shows “Export these bookings” context help
  4. The export popup window shows the selected fields to export in yellow on the left and the unselected fields in gray on the right.  Drag and drop the desired and not yet selected fields from the right side to the left.
  5. Once all desired fields were dragged to the left side and shown in yellow, click the “Export Bookings” button on the bottom of the popup.
  6. By clicking the button, the event bookings data downloaded in CSV format which can opened in Excel.


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