Provide a platform for IIT alums and others to apply their talent and experience to help and support entrepreneurial activity, build connections and provide educational opportunities for the benefit of all.

The advisors and investors of IITEAN will engage with Angel Networks, Incubators, VCs and Investors (partners) by bringing new deals, selecting and developing business ideas for artner adoption, investing in partner funds and offering mentoring talent. 

Our process has been to seek, nurture and achieve tangible results. We will seek ideas, startups and existing companies and nurture them through Events and workshop, we will bring experts to speak and coach, add new mentoring talent and further develop that talent, continually engage with businesses to shape and pivot them and connect with customers and investors to

improve the viability of the business idea, if appropriate help progress the startup for adoption by our partners, connect with investors, perhaps help generate first revenue and in some cases, if the business is not viable, assist in sunsetting the idea.

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