IITEAN Mentee Companies

Add new IITEAN Mentee Companies

Login as admin and follow these steps.

    1. Click on Portfolio in the left admin menu.
    2. Click Add Portfolio Page .
    3. In the middle content panel at the top – “Add Title” in the title box.
    4. Click Backend Editor  button below the title.
  • WpBakery Page Builder window appears below.
    1. Click on the third ‘Templates” icon.
  • Popup window appears.
    1. Select IITEAN-MENTEE TEMPLATE  from My Templates.
    2. Hover over image in the content and click on pencil icon for edit.
  • Popup “Image Settings” appears.
    1. Add image from Media Library
    2. Scroll down in the “Image Settings”.
    3. In the “Link” section, select Custom and then click on Select URL
    4. Enter url in the “URL” box
    5. Click Set Link
    6. Click Save Changes .
    7. Hover over text box for description and click on pencil icon for edit.
  • Popup “Text Box Settings” appears.
  1. Edit the text content.
  2. Click Save Changes .
  3. On the right side column, under “Portfolio Categories”, check IITEAN-MENTEE category.
  4. On the right side column, under Featured Image, click on Set Featured image.
  5.  Add image that will appear on the portfolio grid page.
  6. Click Publish

After publishing, this portfolio company should automatically appear on the IITEAN-MENTEE page.

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