Collin College Endowment fund

Goal: $50,000

Raised: $7,500

Progress: 14 %


IITNT has signed an agreement with Collin College to setup an endowment fund that will contribute towards scholarship of one student every year.

Under the terms of the agreement, IITNT will raise $30,000 to contribute towards the endowment. The interest generated from the total endowment, will be awarded as scholarship amount for studies towards a STEM degree.


IMPORTANT NOTE: For contributions to Collin College

  • Visit https://www.collin.edu/foundation/give/index.html
  • Under “Designation” select “IIT Alumni Quasi Endowment”
  • Donors who would like to pay over a period of time or at a later date can use the separately attached Pledge Agreement form to record their pledge and set the payment schedule.
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