Debjani Biswas

*Board Member * 2x TEDx & Keynote Speaker * Internationally Bestselling Author Power leader, change agent and STEM advocate – Debjani Biswas’ perspective is unique. She applies engineering principles of pattern recognition and data harvesting to her mission of inclusive leadership. She is currently the CEO of Coachieve, LLC and a former Fortune 50 executive with 20 years of international corporate experience (TI, PepsiCo, TAS).

Ms. Biswas serves/has served on multiple boards in addition to IIT North Texas: Design Connect Create, Texas Business and Immigration Coalition, Prep Buddies, ICF-NT etc. She is an ADT Journalism winner and NAPW ‘Woman of the Year’. Ms. Biswas is regularly featured in the media: (ESPN, CBS, iHeart Radio). Coachieve has provided strategic planning, keynotes, DI&E Assessments, consulting and executive coaching at multiple organization worldwide. This include Lockheed Martin, UTD, UNH, IIM, IIT, Ericsson, IEEE, TI, UP, Takeda, Peterbilt, Flowserv, IMA, National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity and ICF Global.

Her groundbreaking frameworks (Five JudgmentsÓ, B.R.I.D.G.E.Ó) are leveraged in 23 countries. The internationally bestselling author of ‘Miserably Successful No More’, “#UsToo: Bridging the Global Gender Gap’ and “Unleash the Power of Diversity’- her popular TEDx talks are ‘Common Ground on Gender Bias’ and ‘But you don’t look like an engineer! Ms. Biswas’ undergraduate degree is in Chemical Engineering (B.Tech) from IIT Madras. She also completed her MBA (PGDM Marketing) from IIM Bangalore, MS in Organizational Strategy and International Management from UT Dallas and is a certified Executive and Professional Coach (UT Dallas) and certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner (Multi Health Systems).
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