The IITNT Entrepreneur Advisor Network (IITEAN) is a program launched by IITNT IITEAN seeks to –

  • Apply the talent, experience and networks of IIT alums to help and support entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and startup job seekers. 
  • Provide opportunities to contribute and develop relationships in the entrepreneurial and startup community.
  • Create a platform for think-tank / advisory services for startups and existing companies.  

Advisors (IIT Alums & non-Alums)

  • Opportunity to offer expertise to the community
  • Expand personal network and develop valuable relationships

Entrepreneurs & Startups

  • Access to advisory talent
  • Access to prospective customers

IITNT does not invest, solicit investments or recommend investments in any startup, company, fund, organization of any sort. IITNT does not qualify, in any manner, the entrepreurs, advisors, investors, employers, or potential employees. It is a non-profit organization connecting and supporting its members to contribute to the broader community.